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The Naturalake Biosciences Research & Case History Rewards Program is an annual contest created to allow lake managers to show off all the great work they do with Naturalake Biosciences products. To learn more about entering your case in this year’s contest, read the rules here.

2017 Winners

The second annual Research & Case History Rewards Program included an exceptional batch of studies, and we’ve chosen to award the top four entries. The placement is as follows:

1st – Matt Lewis, Lake Doctors (Ft Myers)
2nd – Heath Spence, Aqua Doc AND Sean Kollmer, Lake & Pond Solutions
3rd – Mike Smith, Lake Doctors (Navarre)

You can read each of their reports below.

Lake Doctors (Ft Myers) 2017 Case Study

Aqua Doc 2017 Case Study

Lake and Pond Solutions 2017 Case Study

Lake Doctors (Navarre) 2017 Case Study

2016 Winners

The inaugural year of this program saw many amazing entries, but two stood out as exemplary models of the Natural Lake ideal. These two entries were both awarded the first place for the 2016 Program, and you can read their reports below:

SOLitude Lake Management 2016 Case Study

View as a PDF.

Lake and Pond Solutions 2016 Case Study

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