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Nature’s Blend

Nature’s Blend is a Temperature Driven Solution that excels between 58°F-78°F (14.4°C-25.6°C).   This dry probiotic formula is enhanced with psychrophilic, neutrophilic, and mesophilic microorganisms and select stimulants to ensure optimal performance.  Nature’s Blend will quickly cycle out excess nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in aquatic environments.  Made for aquatic professionals, it promotes a balanced aquatic ecosystem and rapid recovery from both adverse environmental impacts and chemical treatments.

Nature’s Blend excels when used alone and can be applied as a dry powder or dissolved and sprayed over the surface of the water.  For an extra boost, use Nature’s Blend in combination with PondZilla Pro or AquaSticker.

Water bodies have stress from both external and internal sources. Excessive rains or draught combined with ongoing use of algaecides and herbicides deplete the microbial communities that are fundamental to nutrient removal in water bodies. This imbalance in the ecosystem leads to elevated nutrient issues and can result in excessive aquatic plant growth, continuing algal blooms, and HABs.

Nature’s Blend was formulated through years of research by obtaining samples from lakes and ponds across the United States when water temperatures were mild. The natural microbial communities in the samples were analyzed to understand population densities and the specific organisms that are depleted by stresses. This research is how Naturalake Biosciences was able to create a probiotic that supplements natural populations and supports indigenous organisms that are functional and native to that geography. Nature’s Blend is more than simple additions of beneficial bacteria. It is a scientifically formulated probiotic that works in harmony with the microbial communities that play key roles in nitrogen and phosphorus uptake. Real science. Real Results.


Dosage Rates

Apply bi-weekly when water temperatures are 58-78°F.

Surface Acres Initial Application Standard Application Hypereutrophic Water
1/4 1 pound .5 – 1 pound 1.5 pounds
1/2 1.5 pounds .5 – 1.5 pounds 3 pounds
1 3 pounds 1 – 3 pounds 6 pounds
5 15 pounds 5 – 15 pounds 30 pounds
10 30 pounds 10 – 30 pounds 60 pounds
100 300 pounds 100 – 300 pounds 600 pounds

*Do not mix directly with algaecides or herbicides.
**If used in conjunction with algaecide or herbicide, apply Nature’s Blend after chemical treatment for best results.

Common Uses

  • Lakes and ponds
  • Aquaculture
  • Hatcheries
  • Water features
  • Golf courses
  • Retention ponds
  • Decorative Ponds
  • And more!


  • Consumes nutrients
  • Balances Ponds
  • Lowers ammonia
  • Clarifies water
  • Reduces sludge

Available Sizes

  • 10 pound bucket
  • 30 pound pail

Ingredients Micronutrients and select bacterial cultures
Description Dry tan powder
Odor Earthy odor
pH 7.0
Stability – Activity loss At 75 degrees F for 12 months*: 10% or less; At 100 degrees F for 6 months*: 10% or less; *When stored as directed in a sealed container out of direct sunlight.
Storage and Handling Store in a cool, dry space between 50-80 degrees F. Keep out of direct sunlight and do not store with strong oxidizing agents.
LOCATION: South Carolina
SIZE: Unknown
TARGET: Cattails

SUMMARY: A residential stormwater pond was experiencing a severe cattail infestation. The infestation angered the residents and was preventing the pond from functioning as it should.

SOLUTION: Applied CatZilla in conjunction with an herbicide and surfactants, then used PondZilla Pro to treat remaining growth and degrade dead biomass. Additionally, add Natures Blend to the open water to reduce the soluble nutrients released by the cattails.

RESULTS: The treatment plan was successful and the stormwater pond is functioning as designed. Additionally, it is now an aesthetically pleasing stormwater pond for the homeowners who reside along its waterfront.

Full Lake Doctors 2020 Case Study

LOCATION: North Carolina
SIZE: Unknown
TARGET: Alligator weed, torpedograss, primrose-willow, muck

SUMMARY: A stormwater pond had a severe vegetation/muck mat making it difficult to ascertain a pond was even there. There little to no storage capacity and the pond was unable to function as designed.

SOLUTION: A four part treatment was used each 30 days apart. Treatment 1: AquaSticker + herbicide, Treatment 2: AquaSticker + herbicide +PondZilla Pro, Treatment 3: PondZilla Pro + Nature’s Blend at 3 lb/acre + MuckBiotics at 40 lb/acre, Treatment 4: PondZilla Pro + MuckBiotics at 40 lb/acre.

RESULTS: With the four-part treatment they saw an increase in storage volume, the storage pond was able to properly function, and they saw cost savings.

Full Lake Doctors 2020 Case Study

The Naturalake Biosciences Research & Case History Rewards Program is an annual contest created to allow lake managers to show off all the great work they do with Naturalake Biosciences products. Follow the links below to learn more about the program, how to enter, and what constitutes a winning case study.

Include in treatment programs for:

  • Filamentous Algae
  • Planktonic Algae
  • Cyanobacteria
  • Muck & Sludge
  • Water Clarity
  • Nutrient Reduction
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Submerged Plants
  • Unique Issues


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