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No two ponds are quite the same…

Do you need help treating aquatic plants or algae? Our team of scientists and aquatic experts can help find a solution whether your problem is big or small. Naturalake Biosciences offers several levels of testing to fit your needs. To find your solution, follow the links below or contact Naturalake Biosciences at info@naturalake.com.


The E-Consult is FREE OF CHARGE and consists of:

  • A treatment analysis that includes treatment recommendations
  • Results returned by e-mail
  • 3 day turnaround

Algae/Plant Identification & Water Quality Analysis

$350.00 and consists of:

  • A review of major and minor algae
  • An evaluation of other life forms
  • 16 point water quality testing
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Results received by e-mail
  • 7 day turnaround

Muck Analysis

  • 3-5 weeks required for complete test results
  • Estimates the content of organic and inorganic matter
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Results received by e-mail and a hard copy

In order to process your testing in an expedient manner, we ask that after you have sent in your sample that you call 888.757.9575 with payment information. This will allow us to get you your results as quickly as possible.

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