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AquaSticker is a biological sticking agent that disrupts the protective microbiota of algae and aquatic plants. This product is the result of extensive research in the Naturalake Biosciences’ laboratory.  It is the latest innovation in aquatic bio-catalyst technologies.  AquaSticker stimulates competitive bacterial growth and encourages algae and aquatic plants to naturally uptake chemicals.

This versatile technology boosts herbicide and algaecide performance in a variety of applications.  It excels in hard water treatments and can be applied as a tablet or liquid as needed.  AquaSticker blends well with most chemistries and biologicals including PondZilla and Water Column Clarifier.

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The Science Behind It

Algae and aquatic plants host distinct microbial communities on their surface called the microbiota.  This diverse community of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, archaea, and viruses) can be both mutualistic and pathogenic.  The microbiota plays a key role in protecting algae and aquatic plants from environmental impacts, pathogens, and chemical attacks.  It also is important in fixating nutrients for growth.  The community can adapt or shift according to the conditions to promote the health and survival of its host.

Improving performance of algaecide / herbicides

The effectiveness of a chemical treatment can be limited by the ability the microbiota to protect its host.  Shifting metabolic activities or reactions and producing thick biofilms are examples of how the microbiota defends algae and aquatic plants from copper, diquat, endothall, and other chemistries.

When blended in with algaecides and herbicides, AquaSticker temporarily disrupts the protective microbiota by fostering competitive microbial growth on algae and aquatic plants.  Upsetting the natural balance of this community temporarily enhances chemical uptake by the host.  AquaSticker also improves contact time with targeted algae and aquatic plants by slowing dissipation in the water column and increasing adhesion.

Improving performance of probiotics

AquaSticker’s unique traits and essential components allow it to combine well and improve the performance of our probiotics and biocatalysts (Water Column Clarifier and PondZilla Pro).  When blended together, AquaSticker and Water Column Clarifier will improve formation of microfloc which clarifies the water.  When mixed with PondZilla Pro, AquaSticker improves the biological reaction at the surface of the algae or plant.


An Example of Lyngbya‘s Protective Microbiota


microbiota-pie-chartThis graph represents the microbiota surrounding a sample of Lyngbya tested in the lab.


Dosage Rates

When mixed with algaecide or herbicide:

Surface Acres Cyanobacteria Planktonic Algae Aquatic Plants
1/4 1 – 5 pounds 1.25 – .75 pounds .25 – 1.25 pounds
1/2 2.5 – 10 pounds .5 – 1.5 pounds .5 – 2.5 pounds
1 5 – 20 pounds 1 – 3 pounds 1 – 5 pounds
5 25 – 100 pounds 5 – 15 pounds 5 – 25 pounds
10 50 – 200 pounds 10 – 30 pounds 10 – 50 pounds
100 500 – 2000 pounds 100 – 300 pounds 100 – 500 pounds

*Fully dissolve AquaSticker in chemical solution and spray evenly over target.

Ingredients Bio-vitamins, probiotics, and micronutrients
Description Light tan powder
Odor Earthy odor
pH 7.0 – 7.5
Stability – Activity loss At 75 degrees F for 12 months*: 10% or less; At 100 degrees F for 6 months*: 10% or less; *When stored as directed in a sealed container out of direct sunlight.
Storage and Handling Store in a cool, dry space between 50-80 degrees F. Keep out of direct sunlight and do not store with strong oxidizing agents.


  • Lakes and ponds
  • Aquaculture
  • Hatcheries
  • Water features
  • Golf courses
  • Retention ponds
  • Decorative Ponds
  • And more!


  • Increases chemical uptake
  • Speeds chemical reactions
  • Boosts probiotic performance
  • Improves adhesion and contact
  • Less chemical use
  • Safe for environment and applicator
  • Works especially well with copper sulfate

Available Sizes

  • 30# container, 1# water-soluble packets
  • 30# container, bulk

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