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Aquatic plants and algae host a mutualistic community of microorganisms (bacteria, eukaryotes, archaea, and viruses), called a microbiota or periphyton, on their surface that both protect them from pathogens and chemical attack and fixate nutrients for their host.

AquaSticker is a blend of specialized bacteria, catalysts, and micronutrients designed to upset the normal balance in the microbiota microbial populations. AquaSticker is used as an adjuvant and sticking agent for algaecides in treating algae like Lyngbya as well as other cyanobacteria that form benthic mats. While AquaSticker does not kill aquatic plants or algae it does work well with algaecide treatments. It sticks to algae and temporarily relaxes the microbiota. The leg up that AquaSticker gives to algaecides allows applicators to reduce copper in their treatments, saving them money and creating a more natural treatment without sacrificing results.



In the simulated images above, AquaSticker is mixed with an algaecide and used as a sticking agent. It prevents the algaecide from dissipating before hitting its target and increases adhesion to the algae or aquatic plant.

An Example of Lyngbya‘s Protective Microbiota


Microbiota chart

This graphs represents the microbiota surrounding a sample of Lyngbya tested in the lab. The microbiota is made of an ever-changing and diverse range of organisms working as a single community around Lyngbya.



Applicators would treat the retention pond above every two weeks for Lyngbya with combinations of Reward*, Hydrothol**, and copper sulfate at label rates, and a peroxide-based algaecide at up to 10 gal per acre. While this would solve the Lyngbya problem temporarily, the cyanobacterium would keep returning. When Lyngbya covered 70% of the pond’s surface, the applicators sent in a water sample to the Aquafix lab.

Our water quality analysis determined that the conditions of the pond were favorable for Lyngbya growth and we recommended dosing it with AquaSticker and Hydrothol**. Starting a treatment that included AquaSticker helped the applicators cut their chemical costs by a third. As you can see in the graph below, AquaSticker was able to boost Hydrothol** so that this single algaecide could reduce the surface area covered in Lyngbya to 1% within 4 treatments.Lyngbya tech graph
*Reward is the property of Syngenta.
**Hydrothol is the property of United Phosphorus.

Improve your copper’s performance by 40%


AquaSticker as a Spray Indicator

These pictures show one applicator’s technique for applying a tank mix of copper sulfate mixed with AquaSticker. As you can see, the mix doesn’t immediately dissipate after being applied, but instead remains in the area where it was applied and slowly sinks down the water column. This spray indicator function allows your copper to spend more time in contact with the target algae and reduces the need for follow-up applications. Any applicators looking to reduce copper in their treatments should call and ask about AquaSticker.

An applicator favorite


Applicators love that AquaSticker doesn’t immediately dissipate when it hits the water. One customer commented that mixing it in with their algaecide kept the mix suspended in the water column longer than the algaecide alone. In the pictures above, you can see the mix staying where it was sprayed before slowly falling to the bottom of the pond. They call it an “inexpensive sinker” for its ability to settle at the bottom of the pond or lake where more algae often hides.

NOTE: AquaSticker DOES NOT kill aquatic plants or algae.


Ingredients Bio-vitamins, probiotics, and micronutrients
Description Light tan powder
Odor Earthy odor
pH 7.0-7.5
Stability – Activity loss At 75 degrees F for 12 months*: 10% or less; At 100 degrees F for 6 months*: 10% or less; *When stored as directed in a sealed container out of direct sunlight.
Storage and Handling Store in a cool, dry space between 50-80 degrees F. Keep out of direct sunlight and do not store with strong oxidizing agents.



“The water in all our ponds and weirs is nearly crystal clear. If anything they might even be too clear.” —TX customer

“AquaSticker has helped us with Lyngbya treatments in our copper mix tanks. We put in 1# of the Sticker in our copper tank and it creates a nice plume which suspends the copper in the water. I cannot tell you how much I love this product.” –Matthew, Applicator South Florida.

Dosage Rates

When combined with a granular, peroxide, or copper algaecide:
Use 20# per acre first application, 10# per acre second application and 5# per acre maintenance dose. Can be added directly as a dry product or as a liquid sprayed over water.

When used as an adjuvant with copper:

Add 1# per 50 gallons tank mix.

This product should be evenly distributed for best results.

When applying to small or decorative ponds be careful not to apply to much; this will take out too much oxygen.


  • Mixed with algaecides and herbicides
  • Mixed in copper sulfate tank
  • Lakes
  • Shorelines


  • Works especially well with copper sulfate
  • Provides balance to aquatic ecosystem
  • Bacteria adheres to plant



Retention Pond - Lyngbya

After 12 years of never giving applicators a problem, one flood managed to change the nutrient load of this entire pond, a change which gave Lyngbya the opportunity it needed to create the situation seen above in the left image. Our water quality analysis showed that the new pond nutrient load contained high levels of nitrate, orthophosphate, and iron that fed the Lyngbya growth. For these nutrients we recommended MD Pellets, and to take care of the existing algae we recommended a granular algaecide and AquaSticker. The image on the right shows that just 2 months later, the last of the Lyngbya was dying off.


HOA Pond - Lyngbya

In one month applicators spent roughly $2,500 trying to get rid of the Lyngbya you see pictured to the left. We thought we could help, and after Aquafix lab testing, we prescribed them AquaSticker and a granular algaecide. This treatment took care of the Lyngbya and kept it away without spending the applicators’ entire budget.


Q: Is this product harmful?
A: No, it is safe to use and safe for the environment

Available Sizes

  • 30# container, 1# water-soluble packets
  • 30# container, bulk

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