At Aquafix, we pledge to use our understanding of the biological sciences
to revitalize aquatic treatments for the 21st century.

Aquafix Lab Testing Services


Aquafix offers three levels of testing, which can include: 16 point water quality testing, evaluation of aquatic life forms, treatability testing for different algaecides and herbicides, DNA analysis, and other parameters.

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Water Treatment Products


We develop three types of natural lake and pond products: bacterial products indigenous to lakes and ponds, biostimulants to revitalize the water’s microflora, and products to speed the degradation of dead plants and algae.

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Homeowners & Pond Owners


For homeowners and small pond owners who are interested in Aquafix products and testing, we have a form that gets you direct access to our technical representatives.

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We want to hear about your algae


Aquafix embraces every opportunity to solve new problems and study difficult water bodies. If there is a pond or lake giving you trouble, we want to hear about it.

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