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Some of the most interesting testing that takes place in our lab is the treatment comparison (Complete Treatability Study) that is included in Gold level testing.

In the case below, a municipality approached us with lagoons covered in green algae that were raising their pH and that the municipality needed to kill fast. Once we received their samples, the first step was to identify the algae:

After identifying and describing the algae found, the lab goes on to note in the last two bullet points what likely caused the growth of the algae and the high pH, as well as a possible obstacle for treatment–the mucilage.

With the algae thoroughly examined, the lab then moves on to a comparison of different treatment types, which in this case consisted of an algal jar test that trialed 12 different treatments against one another.

*Cutrine is a registered product of Applied Biochemists
**Captain and SeClear are registered products of SePRO

After providing the customer with pictures and notes from each stage of the Treatability Study, the lab then goes in to analyze the results of the study, and make recommendations based on what they observe.

Even in cases like these municipal lagoons, where the Treatability Study doesn’t reveal an obvious treatment solution by itself, the lab then goes back to everything they’ve learned about the conditions of the water and algae to formulate a solid plan of action. The customer later came back to us and let us know that the combination of AquaSticker, OxyPaks XL, and MD Pellets cleared up the algae in the time frame they needed and they haven’t had a out-of-control bloom since.

To learn more about our testing or algae solutions, call 888-757-9575 or email info@naturalake.com. To read the entire report for the municipal lagoons, click the button below:

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