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September 20, 2012 – Portland, Oregon

When a Portland, Oregon golf course discovered a tricky combination of troublesome hydrilla and bushy pondweed (Southern Naiad Pithophorahe) in a golf course pond, they knew they had a real hazard on their hands. Further complicating the issue, the pond irrigated into sensitive fairway grass areas and salmon-safe regulations in Oregon prevent the use of many chemical solutions.

After a peroxide-based algaecide shanked efforts to kill the weeds, killing some but not others, the pond superintendent turned next to Naturalake Biosciences distributor Wilco-Winfield of Donald, Oregon, and aced it. PondZilla Pro was sprayed over the surface of the pond, followed by slow-release MD Pellets. In just two weeks the products had degraded and naturally recycled the nutrients into the environment, resulting in a clean and naturally balanced body of water.

“Unlike conventional algae control methods, which often rely on harsh chemicals, our approach is more natural and effective,” says Naturalake Biosciences owner Kevin Ripp. “At Naturalake Biosciences, we can whip up a recipe that is targeted for your algae and your system. We often combine our PondZilla Pro with an algaecide for complete control.”

PondZilla Pro is a Naturalake Biosciences product and it works by breaking down aquatic plants and algae on a cellular level, making them more susceptible to algaecides and herbicides. The powerful enzymes in PondZilla Pro work as a catalyst aiding in biodegrading plant material. MD Pellets work to break down accumulated muck. The pellets contain essential nutrients to activate the existing muck-eating bacteria in the pond and introduce additional sludge-eating cultures. Together, PondZilla Pro and MD Pellets break down plant material and create an aquatic environment that quickly and cleanly removes that material.

Hydrilla is an invasive aquatic weed, considered the most problematic in the United States. Fast spreading and highly adaptable, it can quickly cover the surface of lakes and ponds. Without proper control it easily out-competes native growth, disturbs wildlife, and acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Hydrilla & Southern Naiad (Bushy Pondweed) Hydrilla & Southern Naiad (Bushy Pondweed)










Naturalake Biosciences is dedicated to solving the most noxious pond problems–algae choking off aquatic life, nauseating stenches, or gobs of sludge–by treating a pond’s underlying problems, not the symptoms they trigger.

To learn more, or for your custom pond prescription, please view the Pond Rx page or call 888-757-9575.

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