Golf Course Pond Management
in a Safe and Natural Way

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Golf course ponds can quickly become a major concern for superintendents without deft management. The ponds that were designed to enhance aesthetics or aid in water management can rapidly become overwhelmed with harmful algae blooms (HABs) and aquatic plants. Fertilizer, grass clippings, leaves, and runoff all contribute to the eventual growth of aquatic vegetation. Excessive aquatic plant growth or intense algae blooms can occur abruptly after years without issues.


  • Clogged irrigation pipes
  • Treatment with chemicals can damage turf
  • Toxic to golfers and wildlife
  • Foul odors and fish kills

White dots of fertilizer end up in the pond and promote aquatic vegetation

A proactive approach can save time and money treating algae and aquatic plants. A golf course pond management plan utilizing Naturalake Biosciences probiotics and biocatalysts improves water quality and reduces excess nutrients before they saturate the pond. Our all-natural products keep the water body safe and sparkling clean.

LEFT: Algae blooms on golf course ponds can be unsightly and dangerous


slow release probiotic to target muck layer in lakes and ponds
  • Biocatalyst that improves efficiency of algaecides and herbicides
  • Dissolves dead algae or aquatic plants on a cellular level
  • Reduces damaging chemical use
  • Probiotic that focuses on degrading muck
  • Improves water quality and clarity
  • Restores balance to water bodies
  • Reduces internal nutrient load
  • Probiotic clarifies water through enhanced biological flocculation
  • Removes nitrogen
  • Temporarily binds phosphorus

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