Watch above for a step by step explanation of how PondZilla Pro can boost algaecide treatments and revolutionizes your treatments by using the inherent biological processes in your pond or lake.

Naturalake Biosciences is a research and development laboratory located in the University of Wisconsin Research Park. Here we have access to world class equipment, and the ability to collaborate with some the world’s greatest minds. Everything made at Naturalake Biosciences is backed by real science.
PondZilla Pro is an all-natural biocatalyst used to boost algaecide treatments by improving penetration and breakdown of dead algae and aquatic plants.

Often algaecides such chelated copper, are added to a water body to attack filamentous algae. Thick cell walls, the microbiota on the algae surface, and carbonate crystals can all contribute to neutralizing the effectiveness of the copper treatment.

When the algaecide does penetrate the cell wall of the algae, chlorophyll leaks from the cell into the water column. The akinetes however, often largely remains intact due to their extra thick cell wall and metabolic state.

The dead algae sink to the bottom of the water body and contributes to the muck layer while phosphorus and nitrogen are released into the water column as well. The algae have now added to the nutrient reservoir and regrowth frequently occurs.

When applied with an algaecide, PondZilla Pro works to boost algaecide performance by enhancing penetration into the cell wall of the algae. The algaecide works deeper into the algae cell and the PondZilla Pro infuses the cell with biostimulants and proteins to aid in the cell breakdown to prevent regrowth. In addition, the stimulated naturally occurring bacteria can consume the leaked chlorophyll, phosphorus, and nitrogen as the algae cells dies.

Combing PondZilla Pro with an algaecide results in thorough and complete degradation of the algal cells and prevents the dead algae from contributing to the muck layer on the bottom of the lake or pond.
Boost algaecide treatments to lower your use of chemicals in lakes and ponds. Keep your water body happy with fast acting and long lasting PondZilla Pro.

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