November 16, 2012

Pond scum-fighting concoction banishes cladophora from suburban Chicago pond.

Homeowners in Will County, Illinois were at the end of their rope dealing with an ongoing algae problem in a retention basin. Their neighborhood pond’s surface was possessed by a thick, unsightly, and odorous layer of cladophora, a branching macroalgae common in the Great Lakes area. The once beautiful, versatile body of water was rendered swampy and useless. Previous efforts to treat it with bacterial cultures intended for wastewater treatment proved futile because of the pond’s unique ecosystem.

The homeowners association finally turned to Naturalake Biosciences. In just 6 weeks the pond was cladophora-free, thanks to a custom-blended, offensive strategy:


  • A little chelated copper algaecide, which kills algae and cyanobacteria (blue-green algea). PondZilla Pro improves the benefits of chelated copper by making the algae more vulnerable and improving degradation of the algae.


  • Summer Slam: This mix of 23 nutrients, bio stimulants, and catalyzing enzymes activated the pond’s natural bacterial cultures and weakened the algae to make it more susceptible to being broken down.


  • Pondzilla Pro further broke down the dead cladophora at a cellular level.


  • MD Pellets sank to the bottom of the pond, nestled into the muck, and helped feed an army of enzyme-producing bacterial cultures.


Cladophora thrives in bodies of water with higher than usual nutrient levels, particularly phosphorus. In suburbs, the most common causes of excess phosphorus levels are residential lawn fertilizer runoff, poorly maintained septic systems, and sewage.


Once the invasive algae takes hold of the phosphorus-rich water, it spreads to cover the entire surface in blooms. Besides being an eyesore, cladophora emits a foul smell that can affect property values and raises water temperature, endangering wildlife.


Naturalake Biosciences is dedicated to solving the most noxious pond problems by treating a pond’s underlying problems, not the symptoms they trigger.


To learn more, or for your custom pond prescription call 888-757-9577.

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