Envira3: Bacteria-Enzymes-Biostimulants

Envira3 is an all-natural pond and lake clarifier. This product uses three key ingredients–muck degrading enzymes, biostimulants, and select bacterial strains to reduce nutrient loadings–to assist your pond or lake's bacteria. These ingredients work together in a three-pronged approach to creating a healthy rhythm for your lake or pond. Like the recycling symbol, each aspect of Envira3 complements the other to create a complete cycle. Envira3 helps to clarify the water and degrade muck at the same time while reducing the need to use chemicals.


Evira3 Components



Ingredients Bio-vitamins, enzymes, and select bacterial cultures
Description Tan powder
Odor Earthy odor
pH 7.0
Stability – Activity loss At 75 degrees F for 12 months*: 10% or less; At 100 degrees F for 6 months*: 10% or less; *When stored as directed in a sealed container out of direct sunlight.
Storage and Handling Store in a cool, dry space between 50-80 degrees F. Keep out of direct sunlight and do not store with strong oxidizing agents.

Dosage Rates

  • Initial Dose: 8 bags per surface acre. For severe conditions, double this dose for the first treatment or combine with our PondZilla Black.
  • Maintenance Dose: Repeat Monthly
  • If the pond is checked bi-weekly, cut these dose rates in half.


  • Decorative Ponds
  • Lakes and Large Ponds


  • Clarifies water
  • Reduces sludge and muck
  • Fixates phosphorous and reduces nitrogen
  • Reduces odors


Q: Is Envira3 toxic?

A: No

Q: Will it harm waterfowl?

A: No

Q: Will the use of other chemicals affect the performance of Envira3?

A: The only chemical that has effect on the performance of Envira3 is copper.

Q: Will Envira3 work if I have a lot of algae?

A: In all but the most extreme cases, yes

Available Sizes

  • 25 lb container with 1/2 lb water-soluble packets
  • 40 lb case with 1/2 lb water-soluble packets

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