cattzilla2017webCattails and bulrush, plants of the Typha genus, can be beneficial to lakes and pond when carefully controlled, but when left unmanaged they can cause a series of problems: explosive growth that can surround the entire shore of a body of water in a short time, monoculture that pushes out other desired plants, floating tussocks (mats of floating debris and sludge caught up in the extensive root system of cattails that can be over a foot thick ), unbalanced aquatic environment that stifles beneficial bacteria, reduced aeration, and hindered aesthetic and recreational use of the pond or lake.

Address Uncontrolled Typha Plants

Our latest development, CattZilla, is meant to boost your herbicide as it manages the uncontrolled Typha plants. While herbicides alone can kill cattails and bulrush they leave the dead plant behind, usually still standing up, to degrade slowly and remain an eyesore. The picture below on the right illustrates this. The cattails in that group were treated solely with an herbicide, which killed the cattails and weakened a few of the stalks so that the wind could knock them down. The cattails in the picture on the left, however, were treated with that same herbicide with our CattZilla mixed in the tank. A significantly larger number of stalks were weak enough to be knocked over, and degradation of the dead organic matter had been jump-started.

Hormel Area cz (800x600)

WI site: cattails treated with heribicide and CattZilla mixed together


Hormel cattails untreated (800x600)

WI site: cattails treated solely with herbicide

CattZilla is an adjuvant designed specifically to attack those aspects of cattail and bulrush control that the herbicide can’t: degrading the dead matter and knocking the unsightly stalk down. Using this product will help curb the negative effects of a Typha takeover, allowing diverse plant species to return, restoring normal aeration levels, opening your pond or lake back up for recreation use, and reducing the chances of bog mats.

If you find your pond or lake attacked by cattails or bulrush, we want to help. Learn more about CattZilla and its applications here. To talk to a technical representative about dosage or for a diagnosis, call us at 888.757.9577 or contact us here.



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